Proof of Reading (POR)

This stands out as a pivotal advancement. POR brings an array of key features that not only enhance user engagement but also reinforce the integrity of the learning process. The following are the standout features of Bitbama’s Proof of Read:

  • Engagement Tracking: POR dynamically tracks user engagement with the content presented on the Read-to-Earn (R2E) page. It intelligently gauges the time users spend reading and interacting with the material. This tracking mechanism ensures that users actively engage with the educational content, rather than simply skimming through it.

  • Tailored Time Allocation: One size does not fit all when it comes to learning. POR employs an adaptive approach by allocating time for engagement based on the length and complexity of the content. Users receive an appropriate time window that matches the content's depth, allowing for thorough comprehension and reflection.

  • Bot Resistance: To maintain the integrity of the learning environment, POR is designed to thwart attempts by bots to game the system. By accurately assessing genuine user interactions, Bitbama ensures that the educational experience remains authentic and beneficial.

  • Learning Assurance: The primary objective of POR is to ensure that users are not just passively skimming the content, but actively imbibing the knowledge.

  • Enhanced Accountability: For both users and the platform, POR promotes a heightened sense of accountability. Users can be confident that their time investment yields meaningful insights, while Bitbama can measure the effectiveness of its educational offerings more accurately.

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